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Martin Luther's 95 Theses Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Martin Luther's 95 Theses - Essay Example At his reflection, he knows that there is a lot of challenges to go against the norms by attacking one whom everybody praises, not even those the public disgraces will be spared. In a very conscious manner, he knows that he has a great beam on his own eyes so he cannot say he is super perfect to attack other men. Luther is against impious doctrines and their impiety not necessary on their bad morals. The reevaluation of his thought is sharply on the judgment of men and to preserve the passionate enthusiasm, following the example of Jesus Christ, who, in his keenness, calls his adversaries a creation of vipers, blind, children of the devil, and hypocrites. For example, when the great prophet, Paul charges a sorcerer with being a child of the devil, which he sees as the act of all malice and all subtlety; he defines such servants like evil workers, deceivers and dogs. In his, the court of Rome is full of a lost, desperate, and hopeless impiety overwhelmed by corrupt men. Which he has greatly abominated, and he feels disturbed that the people of Christ should be cheated under the pope’s given name and the excuse of the Rome Church. He says he is not doing the impossibilities, or being pessimistic on his labor alone, against the furious opposition of so many flatters any good can be done against the impossible situations. As a debtor to his congregation, he knows few will be ruined by the plagues of Rome. He blames the people of being reluctant to act on the laying waste of goods, souls, and bodies. These things are more clear to them than light and Rome church, previously the most sacred of all churches has become the most anarchistic hideout of thieves, hell not even antichrist could come to devise any addition to it wickedness. Concerning Christian liberty, Luther, explains that Christian faith is not easy, and nobody has the wisdom upon it as there is no experiment proof among the

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Recommendations and Conclusions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Recommendations and Conclusions - Essay Example The high rates of consumption in the world give the product higher chances of survival and even beating other products in the market and therefore should be taken into consideration in the future planning On the factors that that influence the consumption, there is need to do thorough research on the psychological and cultural factors as they influence the attitude which directly affect the sale. The perception and attitude towards the product begin in the mind and transfer on the belief systems, values and culture. It is these factors that affect most the consumptions and therefore the company should spend most of their effort and energy to investigate and find out the actual fact underlying them in order to reduce negative impact. In conclusion the Dasani water as a product has a future prosperity in the market if the challenges associated with marketing and advertisement is overcome. The consumers will continue to develop positive attitude if their complaints are identified and appropriate measures are taken in place

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About Australia Essay -- Australia Economy Population Culture Trade Es

About Australia Australia, island continent located southeast of Asia and forming, with the nearby island of Tasmania, the commenwealth of Australia, a self governing member of the Commenwealth of Nations. The commenwealth of Australia is made up of six states--News south Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Wester n Australia--and two territories--the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. Australia, including Tasmania but excluding external territories, covers a land area of 7,682,300 sq. km, extending from Cape York (100 41' S) in the north some 3,680 km to Tasmania (430 39' S), and from Cape Byron (1530 39' E) in the east some 4,000 km west to Western Australia (1130 9' E). Basic Data Population (estimates), July 1995, 18,322,231, with the age structure under 15 (female 1,929,366; male 2,032,238), 15-64 (female 6,017,362; male 6,181,887), 65 and over(female 1,227,004; male 934,374). Population growth rate is estimated at 1.31% (1995 est.). Literacy rate age 15 and over can read and write (1980 est.). English is the official language, with modern Australian English a conglomerate of British, American, and their own phraseology and spelling. Because Australia is one of the most multicultural nations in the world it is possible to find vibrant ethnic communities using almost every other world language.Australian school children have the highest rate of learning Asian languages, particularly Japanese and Chinese, of any industrialized western nation - in recognition of their future as a member of the Asia-Pacific region. Labor force is 8.63 million(september 1991) by occupation of finance and service 33.8%, public and community services 22.3%, wholesale and reatail trade 20.1%, manufacturing and industry 16.2%, agriculture 6.1%(1987). Political System Australia has a federal system of government, and a long history as a multiparty parliamentary democracy. There is no written Bill of Rights, but fundamental rights are ensured by law and respected in practice. The Commonwealth (federal) government and the six state governments operate under written constitutions that draw on the British tradition of a Cabinet Government, led by a Prime Minister, which is responsible to a majority in Parliament's lower house. The Federal Constitution, however, also contains some element... almost a quarter of total merchandise exports; Exports to the Asian region overall grew by almost seven per cent to $A41 billion; Elaborately Transformed Manufactures (ETMs) exports grew 14 per cent to almost $A14 billion - they now account for 20 per cent of all merchandise exports; Despite a five per cent fall in export earnings, coal remained Australia's largest commodity export; Exports of computers and office machinery, parts and accessories increased in aggregate by 30 per cent to almost $A1 billion - assembled computer exports grew by over 60 per cent during the year; The value of wool exports held steady during 1993-94 - a five per cent increase in volume was offset by lower average prices (although prices recovered during the second half of the year); There were significant falls in exports of both crude and refined petroleum oil; The growth in wine exports typifies the increasing diversity of Australia's export base - they have increased over the last decade at an annual trend rate of over 40 per cent; The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Manufacturing Survey revealed that exporting manufacturers were performing significantly better

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International Financial Reporting Standards and Revenue Recognition

Revenue recognition is a very important component of financial accounting and reporting. The accounting principles governing revenue recognition can have a big impact on corporate accounting and the way contracts are structured with customers. As a part of ongoing discussions to converge U. S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), some proposals to change revenue recognition have been discussed. The following will discuss revenue recognition as it stands under U. S. GAAP and IFRS, as well as proposed changes to the revenue recognition principle. Revenue Recognition under U. S. GAAP Staff Accounting Bulletin, Topic 13 states, â€Å"The staff believes that revenue generally is realized or realizable and earned when all of the following criteria are met: 1. Persuasive evidence of an arrangement exists; 2. Deliver has occurred or services have been rendered; 3. the seller’s price to the buyer is fixed or determinable; and 4. Collectability is reasonably assured. † Revenue recognition under U. S. GAAP can vary depending on industry, but the criteria listed by Topic 13 are generally applied when recognizing revenue. Guidance for industry specific principles are covered under other U. S. GAAP pronouncements. Also under U. S. GAAP, â€Å"any costs or losses that may be expected in connection with any returns shall be accrued in accordance with FASB St. No. 5 Accounting for Contingencies. Sales revenue and costs of sales reported in the income statement shall be reduced to reflect estimated returns† (FAS 48 par. 7). Revenue Recognition under IFRS. Under IFRS, guidance regarding revenue recognition are governed under two general accounting standards. According to IFRS, â€Å"revenue is recognized when it is probable that future economic benefits will flow to the entity and these benefits can be measured reliably† (IAS 18). Revenue Recognition for specific industries are not addressed under IFRS and these two general accounting standards are applied broadly across various industries. Revenue recognition has been at the forefront of suggested changes regarding convergence to a single set of standards for financial reporting and accounting. Currently under U. S. GAAP, revenue recognition have more stringent criteria and governance can also be industry specific. IFRS differs in that there are only two broadly applied accounting standards when determining when to recognize revenue. The AICPA has announced that the IASB and FASB will move towards issuing a single standard governing revenue recognition. The proposed standard will adopt standards similar to IFRS revenue recognition principles and eliminate U. S. GAAP’s industry specific guidance. The changes will have a tremendous effect on accounting and how businesses operate.

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Essay about MARRIAGE - 1258 Words

Marriage is the socially recognized union of two or more people. Selecting a marriage partner is very much a culturally defined process. The rules governing selection vary widely from society to society and are more often complex. How would you go about selecting a mate? Where would you begin? What criteria would you use? When we look around the world to see how other societies deal with these questions, it is clear that the ways of selecting a mate or a marriage partner has been changed from generation to generation. In the generation where my grandparents came from, marriages were purely arranged by the elderly. Mothers or aunts usually selected a marriage partner for their sons. My grandparents got married when both of them were very†¦show more content†¦Where they sit and talk in a romantic environment. Their real romance and true love started after the marriage. In the generation, where my parents came from, marriages were no longer remaining purely arranged. However, my parents got an arranged marriage. Both of my parents’ families were settled in the city of Karachi. There, my dad’s father started a business. One day my mom’s father went out at his business place. He met with my father there. My mother’s father liked him and invited his family at home. In this way both families got a good family relationship. My dad’s parents saw my mom at her home. She was 19 and very beautiful. She was in 11th grade. My father was 26 years old at that time. My father saw my mom and liked her. But my mom could not see her at that moment. My grandmother showed her my father’s picture and asked her if she is interested in getting married with him. My mom said to do what they like to do. So, both of their parents fixed the date for their engagement. My grandmother told me that 4 months later after the engagement, the re was an engagement of my mom’s brother. The party was going on at my mom’s house. My father was also invited and asked my mom to sit in the car. However, my mom was very shy and did not answer him. Then her mother asked her to go out with him for sometime. They went out for half hour. They had some ice cream and my father talked to her in the car. My mom was wearing dark blueShow MoreRelatedMarriage Between Marriage And Marriage1441 Words   |  6 PagesMarriage is universal, in the sense that no matter where you go in the world there is marriage. The meaning of marriage might be different but it still exists everywhere. Marriage would be so much healthier and happier with a marriage contract signed and agreed between both parties. Many people commonly have a misconception of what a marriage contract really is. This type of contract involves a written document between two people, their respective rights and obligations in regards to the marriageRead MoreThe Marriage Of Marriage And Marriage1599 Words   |  7 Pagesvaccinations, abortion and marriages. One topic that has been of controversy and is viewed differently in many countries is marriage and whether or not arranged marriages are better than love marriages. There are several different reasons why people in India believe that arranged marriages are the best; likewise, people in Western countries such as the United States believe that love marriages are best. Most westerners have a misconception on arranged marriages. An arranged marriage is a marital union whereRead MoreCohabitation And Marriage : Marriage1669 Words   |  7 Pages Cohabitation and Marriage Lauren Pfeifer Dr. Richard White Christian Marriage 16 April 2014 Cohabitation and Marriage Cohabitation is an increasingly popular relationship reality in the United States. Many individuals seek a cohabiting relationship as preparation for marriage; however, studies have shown that this has adverse effects on relationship satisfaction and stability within marriage. Many factors have been theorized to contribute to this effect. No matter the cause of the correlationRead MoreMarriage And The State : Marriage1265 Words   |  6 Pages Marriage and the state Marriage is a legal union of a couple as spouses according to Cornell University of law school. Traditionally, marriage was viewed as the basis of the family unit and very vital to the preservation of civilization and morals. However, defining marriage in the society of today can be a challenge. This is because the marriage of today differs with what marriage was considered to be in the past. In the today’s society, there are three basic elements of marriage which include:Read MoreThe Birth Of Marriage And Marriage1539 Words   |  7 Pages Before marriage, girls are typically owned and controlled by their father. Men cannot own children without familial relation, that is, own child slaves or adopt non-relatives, but they dominate matrimonial ownership, and the father’s extended family is also considered responsible for the children’s well-being. It is not uncommon for children to be sent away to live with an extended relative in case of death in the family or t he father’s inability to provide for the child despite the mother’s desiresRead Moremarriage963 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Marriage The most important quality of a married couple is love. In a marriage important issues such as attitudes, responsibilities, religion, finances, career, and whether or not to have children should be discussed so that the couple can learn each other’s views regarding the issues to determine compatibility. Building a happy marriage is the result of conscious effort on the part of a husband, and wife. A lifelong union that people bound together by a bond of love, which is spiritual as wellRead MoreMarriage1099 Words   |  5 PagesMarriage In the human society, marriage is the most essential social custom. Marriage appears as a compromise between two committed individuals, also known as spouses. It is a way of creating a family and obligations. Weddings are traditional ceremonies with exchange of wedding vows and rings, which symbolize eternity and love, between the bride (woman) and the groom (man). It is practiced in many modern countries and has similar meanings as marriage. Marriage is a social bond, which requiresRead MoreThe Marriage Expectations Of Maya Marriages1139 Words   |  5 Pages3.a The marriage expectations in Maya marriages of women are different for every generation. One difference between the second oldest generation and the next is the non-use of Iglesia Maya ceremonies. The article spoke of a woman who said that the ceremonies were trifling. Another example of these differences is that marital conflict and jealousy began to become more common in the second and third generations. All the women th ought that this rise in conflict became more prominent during the contemporaryRead MoreCohabitation Between Marriage And Marriage1303 Words   |  6 Pagestaboo ideas is cohabitation. Cohabitation is the act of living together while in a romantic relationship, prior to marriage. (Steinberg, Bornstein, Vandell, and Rook, p. 450, 2011) More and more couples are cohabitating, according to some studies approximately two-thirds of couples live together before they get married. (Luscombe, 2014) Some couples that lived together before marriage have a strong and healthy relationship, while others end in divorce. Could this have anything to do with cohabitationRead MoreMarriage Between Marriage And Divorce1101 Words   |  5 Pagesoccurs no questions asked. However it is not possible to have divorce without marriage. Marriage and divorce are interchangeably connected. For one is the beginning of a committed relationship and the other is the ending of one. Both, marriage and divorce, a re still practiced today. Similarly their origins are also connected to the other. To understand divorce, one must first understand where marriage came from. Marriage is another tradition that has been around for as long as anyone can remember

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The World Of Social Media Essay - 1313 Words

Welcome to the marvelous world of social media –where today youth live in a creative identity to an audience who have also promoted a different personality. Were young peoples’ are living and growing up with a global society’s culture changing what they do and who they are. Adolescence are learning to construct their ideal self. These devices compel teenager to a whole new world state of the self, devices and apps becoming part of young people lives. A generation were checking in and posting the location of their next citation, taking pictures of their meal, or most common snapping a selfie, is most important that the moment. These devices are shaping and expressing the revision of teenager identity and where they stand in the society global culture. The device one carries around promotion and presentation a person differently. Who we are is often different than who we really are on the internet. Teenager are creating the ideal self, what they believe is appro priate according to the societal standpoint. Promoting our self what we want others to see. â€Å"I believe who we are on the Internet is not a true showing of who we are actually are as a person â€Å"added Greg Cistulli. When a person promotes their self ideally their bragging who they are and what they want others to be jealous of. Tending to promote their self creates a representation of who they want to be. Creating a sense of belonging to the social media world. Their adaptingShow MoreRelatedThe World Of Social Media Essay1388 Words   |  6 PagesI AM FEMEN. This popular phrase scattered across the global technological world of social media to convey Femen’s message. It’s safe to say that when Millennials envision Ukrainian women, we automatically hit our default button and imagine prostitutes in consideration of popular cinematic movies portray them in this way. The nation then came to an abrupt stop while scrolling through trendy media outlets, such as Twi tter or Facebook, to see pictures of topless young women wearing painted word artRead MoreThe World Of Social Media Sites981 Words   |  4 PagesThere are many similarities and differences the world of social media sites. The top trending social media sites are Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and Twitter. All of these sites come together and out due each other with the use of Hashtag, Likes, Revines, and adding filters to photos. Instagram is a mobile social media app; Instagram can only be downloaded from the IOS market or the android market. IG short for Instagram is a way to take photos and share your moments from your phone. Instagram allowsRead MoreSocial Media And Its Impact On The World Essay1502 Words   |  7 Pages1990’s, many people across the world truly believed that Jan. 1, 2000 would bring the end of the world with it. While this was far from true, the ease of access to information that came with the turn of the century still brought upon unbelievable changes to the world as many people had known it to be. One of the biggest changes is the evolution of advertising from print and TV, to now include audiences across the internet through the use of social media marketing. Social media has truly had an immenseRead MoreSocial Media And Its Impact On The World849 Words   |  4 PagesSocial media has advanced throughout the years emerging into many lives in differing ways. When I think about social media all the apps on my phone come to mind such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. On a daily basis I access these sites a multiplicity of times as everyone else in the world do as well. No matter where we are in the world, one thing we are for sure united by is the strength of social media that brings us all together. YouTube is a huge platform that has content uploaded from allRead MoreUse Of Social Media On The World1721 Words   |  7 Pagesyour family, it is silent, and you are thoroughly intrigued in your Twitter feed. You decide to take a snapchat, instead of being present in the moment. You argue through text with your best friend, instead of meeting and talking it out. In our world today, technology is a necessity. Smartphones have given people the ability to connect globally, through apps, allowing us to connect to those we could not before. It may seem hard to believe, but technological communication was only apparent afterRead MoreSocial Media And Its Impac t On The World875 Words   |  4 PagesIn a world where the majority spent their time on social media to communicate, gather news, view/post videos, and post images. Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms in which people use to interact with the world. In allowing people to post 140 characters, videos, and images gives power to the users to spread their thoughts around the world. Having the ability to reach people all round the world makes news of sports, world, and entertainment. On November of 2014 the greatest catchRead MoreThe World Of Internet And Social Media2396 Words   |  10 PagesDespites their advantages can the Internet and social network be misused to exert political violence? Does and or should it make a different in what political system this is taking place? Introduction There has been a new world created out of technology and that world is now affecting and dictating the functionality of our entire world. This new world is called the world of Internet and social media. The world of Internet and social media has now created a new form of citizen who are called usersRead MoreSocial Media And Its Impact On The World Essay2144 Words   |  9 PagesMillennial spends 18 hours a day consuming media in general (National Archives). Suffice to say, the modern world is a highly-connected world involving endless likes, followers, hashtags, and Facebook Live videos. Among the top users are those of today’s generation, or Generation Me. Social Media has become a constant part of everyday life, and as the Millennial Generation begins to approach adulthood and starts becoming more involved in the workforce, the way the world operates will change drasticallyRead MoreSocial Media And Its Effects On The World Essay1114 Words   |  5 Pages Let’s fa ce it, Facebook is one of the most used social media sites in the world. Everywhere you go, people are scrolling and scrolling down their phones, and now you want to know what that means. Setting up a Facebook account is simple and the result can be rewarding. Before you get started, you will need to make sure you have the proper tools to accomplish your goal. You need to have either a computer or phone with internet access or Wi-Fi. Just a few reminders, Facebook does require that the userRead MoreMark Zuckerberg : The World Of Social Media1502 Words   |  7 Pagesimagine a world without the ability to constantly update your status, download pictures, and â€Å"check in† to the places you visited while being virtually connected to your thousands of â€Å"friends?† Well thanks to Mark Zuckerberg’s creation of Facebook we will never have to. Mark Zuckerberg a CEO, technology innovator, internet mogul, and philanthropist created a virtual world unlike no other w hich single handily changed the world of social media. He has come to represent the new face of social media and he